Fall semestr 2009/2010 Aalborg University

4.2. I´m definitely back from Erasmus in Aalborg. We made trip to Copenhagen, before we left. First day we started by visit castle Kronborg, which is famous from Hamlet, but the castle doesn´t have anything common with that play. History purpose of the castle was that ship had to pay toll when they wanted to sail through the narrowest strait between Denmark and Sweden. Next stop was summer castle of the king´s family in Fredensborgu. We wanted to compare real building with the model in legoland:) During the last stop we took photos of castle Frederiksborg with sunset. Next two day we spent in Copenhagen. I don´t know why, but I didn´t like that city so much, maybe because of the weather there. Here are few photos from there. On the way back we took photos of the belt bridge over strait Storebaelt.

11.1. I have added few next photos.

8.1. I have finally finished project...I can just wait for the exam. Nothing changed with snow in Aalborg, here is still a lot of snow and Danes are still fighting with it. It is three days ago from last snow fall, but on the foot paths and bike roads there is high level of snow. A lot of snow is still in the streets around 5 cm, which almost everywhere became to ice, not even farmers with tractors couldn´t help. Main problem is that road maintenance doesn´t have enough of salt :) During hard work on the project I took few photos.

16.12. Snow came to Denmark.

2.12. Amazing in Denmark are freezing temperatures, it looks this way.

1.12. After long time I have added few photos. Because of project work at school I am too busy to traveling and taking photos.

29.10. After long time was nice weather, so I took some photos photos during the running.

25.10. I have added photos from yesterdays training, which was in NP Rebild. I really don´t know why it is national park...it is very small area, where heather grows a lot and besides of it there is also hardwood forest. There is national park, maybe because in Denmark aren´t almost any. Furthermore there are quite big hills, for Denmark a little unexpected (see map). After yesterdays hilly area, today I run race in flat area in Blokhus again. Except the weather it was very similar race as before. Today it was a little longer and it wasn´t in dune near the coastline (map). And the weather...danish...drizzle changes heavy rain. The weather got better after race, but it is known, that during the rain is running well. Results are here.

5.10. We were on trip to Legoland last weekend. Weather was great...it was the most rainy day since I have arrived to Denmark. But it was good, except the weather. Models from lego are built in unbelievable details even among the buildings go cars and sail ships:) Here is short preview. Except of models from lego there are also other attractions...for example many different water attractions, a lot of kinds of trains, robotic arm etc. We didn´t try everything, because there is too many attractions.

28.9. A few photos from yesterdays football match AaB Aalborg - FC Kobenhavn.

27.9. I ran first orienteering competition in Denmark. It was really nice, it was even better than training, which was last week in Tornby. Running was easier in forest, because this area is cleaner. I thought, that I would be on track much longer, but I felt very good during the race, even I didn´t make big mistakes:) In final results I´m at sixth place and 15 minutes after the winner. Here is the map.

26.9. I have added photos from trip to Blokhus and Rodhus.

25.9. What I have found out during the first month in Denmark. Their language is the biggest difficultness. It sounds as German, but I can´t recognize the "words". It sounds usually like strange noise. It´s very hard to learn it, especially the written form is absolutely different compare to pronunciation. It happens very often, that the word is pronounced only by byte, which sounds like noise again. Price of petrol is very interesting. It changes from hour to hour. Exception isn´t change bigger than one Danish krone. It absolutely confirms that almost everyone rides on bike, because of it everywhere are traffic lines for bikes. Sometimes there are also traffic lights and turning lines. Turning left on bike at the crossing is also interesting, where turning line is missing and traffic lines are only on the border of road. They wait for green and afterwards they cross all lines up to the bike line, which leads to the left. They stop there and they are waiting for next green. It´s important to have long socks to put trouser-leg into. It´s protection from dirt from chain:) Maybe it´s part of fashion, because many people wear trousers like that everywhere. Socks are also important other way. Many people wear them in place of slippers at the college, somebody wears them in the school...I wouldn´t be surprised, when I see somebody only with socks without shoes at the street:)

20.9. We took advantage to get free tickets for the Aab matches. I have seen handball match for the first time, so I don´t know too much about this game, but I think, that they played really good. It was much better than the match, which came afterwards:) Danish are very big fans of handball, it is maybe one of the most popular sport in Denmark. After dramatic ending of the match, the match ends by draw. After handball match we moved to ice hockey match, because we got free tickets too. The hockey match began immediately after handball. The first surprise was, that there was very cold, it reminded play on the lake (in accordance with temperature and level of play in compare to Czech hockey:) Than we couldn´t believe our eyes. It was so funny, all the time a player lied on the ice. Alborg´s team couldn´t make any efficient combination. Puck had his own mind, almost nobody couldn´t handle it. We left hockey match after first period and then we went to the dinner. Immediately after meal I was watching Czech ice hockey, but the game wasn´t wonderful too.

19.9. I have spent another two "study" weeks here. I still don´t have to go to school too much, but I have more homeworks to the school. I tried Danish terrain at orienteering training today. Fortunately there were many path, which help in orientation. They also help to get round the bush, which is very difficult to get through almost every time. The map looks like this. Yesterday afternoon were two events at the same time. The first one was Boat race, which was in the middle of university campus, where is small pound. The pound is approximately only 1 meter deep and the water inside it...is very disgusting After Boat race I moved to event called Sportbar, where were student from our department. There were many interesting competitions, for example chicken throw or boot throw (see photos). People are divided into teams in accordance with grade. The main rule for all events is that the team from second grade has to lose everything and the team from fifth grade has to win everything. The first grade doesn´t participate in this event, because the students from it aren´t prepared for the spirit of this event.

7.9. Finally I solved problems with updating sites…sometimes will show up something new.

6.9. I have already passed first week of school. The beginning was quite easy, first day was only introduction day. They just told us about student organizations and about their events. Program continued with Meet Your Buddy. Unfortunately I hadn´t any one, but I have now;) but I haven´t still met her.

Next day we had another introduction, this time to the study methology called PBL (Program Based Learning). It means, that each semester has a theme. Students divided into groups make project on this theme and discussion about the problems is the way to get the knowledge.

On Thursday we had first real day of the school. School day is divided only into two parts, morning (8:30-12:00) and afternoon (12:30-16:00). I was there whole first day, it was really hard:) Most important thing to know was, that it´s needed to bring laptop to the school:) I brought it next day, but I was whole morning offline, because I couldn´t set connection until afternoon. Friday´s program continued by Pub Crawl, it was in the "Street", which is full of the pubs and clubs. It began by free beer and it continued by changing one pubs after another one…almost until morning:)

Saturday was sleepy after whole week. At least I was running in the park at afternoon. At the evening I planned trip for Sunday. At last we went to the west, there are a lot of rests of defences from WW2. On the way we met bird observatory in the swamp near fjorg. Then we visited blockhouses on the beach. It looks like that somebody picked up them from line of defence and after it put them on this place. Next we went along the coastline till Hansholm Bunkermuseum. Almost everything was without fee, except small exhibition. We spent there a lot of time, se we went almost directly back to the Aalborg. We made only small stop for view point near the sea.

30.8. First days in Denmark. It started by very long way. When I arrived, they told me, that I should study in Copenhagen. We got just bag with many papers. I made sure, that they have big mess in everything. Then we moved to college, there was everything much better. Manager of the college showed us facility and gave us card from the rooms. I could finally turn on my computer and take a rest. After short relax dinner became. At the evening we walked to university campus. We were much surprised. We expected building at least with two floors, but we discovered almost only one floor buildings. There were many bikes everywhere, most of them were in terrible condition and rusty. Next day we went to the downtown to apply for the residence permit. But it was too soon for it. At least we walked through part of the city. The terrain is a little downy here, that surprise me:) There is very rich live in the sea (fjord) in Aalborg. There are jellyfish, crabs and starfish. Next day I was just running in the park, it could be larger. It was good forecast for Sunday, so we decided go to trip. We started in Northsea Oceanarium. . I expected it bigger, but although it was good...especially seals. Next stop was in Skagen, where is the northernmost place in Denmark called Grenen. There is very nice nature, it is similar to Scandinavian. There are also very nice sand beaches, but the weather wasn´t ideal. We hadn´t enough time, because we had to be at dinner on time.





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